Telehealth Consultations

You will have an online video consultation with a specialist dermatologist to take your medical history and examine your problem. We will review any photographs sent to us and then discuss a management plan and any follow up required with you.
We may ask you to send us photographs of your skin condition before your consultation.

This can be conducted in the safety and convenience of your own home or office.

How do I book in?

Simply call our reception on 03 98229944 and ask to book a telehealth consultation. In some situations, we will ask you to forward us some information in advance by email, such as photographs or prior treatment information.

How do I speak with the dermatologist?

We are happy to use the platform for a telehealth consultation that suits you best, FaceTime, MS Teams or a simple phone call.
Reception will arrange this at the time of your booking.
If you need to send a photo of your skin problem, please forward it by email to

Who is eligible for a telehealth consultation?

Telehealth consultations work well for most skin problems that can be imaged and visually assessed.

We cannot do full skin checks via telehealth, however we can provide an assessment of any spots that are concerning you. We will assess their urgency and the need for a face to face visit.

Is there a Medicare rebate?

For full consultations about rashes and other dermatological disorders you will be charged only the usual out of pocket cost that you would have had for a normal face to face consultation. Our receptionists will help you decide on the best appointment type for you and discuss fees before your appointment. Medicare will contribute a partial rebate on these appointments.

What if I am self-isolating and cannot leave the house?

A telehealth consultation can be conducted without you leaving the house and any necessary interventions scheduled as soon as your period of isolation has finished.

What if I need a blood test or prescriptions?

We will arrange for these to be faxed or posted directly to your pharmacist or to the pathology collection centre on your behalf.

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