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A?Prof Victoria Mar Radio interview with Norman Swan. How to detect unusual melanomas.Oct 2017.  Click here.

A/Prof Victoria Mar Video on "What is a dermatologist" for Sunsmart Prevention Division, Cancer Council 2017. Click here.

Awards & New Procedures

A/Prof Victoria Mar was awarded the F.&E. Bauer Foundation Prize for her presentation "Driver mutations: Phenotypic and prognostic significance" at the 2014 Annual Scientific meeting of the Australasian College of Dermatologists. The presentation outlines the different presentations of cutaneous melanoma, their associations with known molecular mutations and patient outcome.

She was also recently appointed to the Executive Committee of the Australia and NZ Melanoma Trials Group (ANZMTG).
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Dr Edward Upjohn, Dr Olivia Milne and Dr Stephanie Tizi are accredited by Medicare as Botox® injectors for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis (excess underarm sweating). This is a highly effective treatment for those who have not responded to other treatments and is long lasting with elimination of excess sweating for up to 6 months. The treatments can be repeated as often as necessary.